Rough Rider Sweet Robusto

Vitola: 1 Single


Rough Rider Sweet Robusto

Perfect For the Cigar Enthusiast's Sweet Tooth

IndianHead cigars are here, and if you haven’t tried one yet, you better step to it ASAP son! Overseen by Jose “Jochy” Blanco, IndianHead Tobacco is bringing an awesome mix of innovatively unique cigars and redefined classic brands to the table. With Rough Riders, IndianHead celebrates motorcycle culture, and delivers a badass handmade that any cigar enthusiast can enjoy.

Assembled under Rough Rider Sweets are four classic sizes of Ecuadorian-wrapped Connecticut handmades that each feature a slightly sweetened tip. Though the name is Rough, this one’s smooth as silk, delivering a creamy mixture of honey, sweetness, and a slight cedar note. Though some sweetened tip cigars try to hide low-quality tobacco in the mix, this one’s all long-filler, and all Cuban-seed. You could have renamed Rough Rider Sweets to Smooth Sailers and no one would have blinked an eye. 

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