Oscar Valladares Samples

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Oscar Valladares Samples

The Oscar Habano is one of the newest blends produced at Oscar Valladares’s factory in Honduras. With the success of earlier brands like Leaf by Oscar and Island Jim’s it was only natural for the talents of Oscar to shine further.

The Oscar Habano’s are comprised of an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper with a Honduran & Nicaraguan core of fillers that’s held together with a Honduran binder. The Oscar Habano come uniquely packaged, both the cigar and box design, the cigars are wrapped in a candela tobacco leaf instead of cellophane—reputedly to protect the wrapper’s natural oils and packaged in wooden cigar molds boxes of 11 cigars.

The cigars are expertly constructed and deliver straight forward tobacco flavors, mainly of wood and earth with just a hint of spice. The cigars transition nicely in its final 3rd, opening up to more complex flavors before mellowing out again. Bottom-line the Oscar Habano is a good straightforward cigar for those looking for a medium bodied smoke that’s not to overwhelming.

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