La Galera Black Bag Job Reviver 5 Pack

Vitolas: Reviver 5 Pack


La Galera Black Bag Job 5-Pack

The Black Bag Job is kind of a strange one. Each of the three blends in this sampler comes from Jose Blanco ‘Jochy’s personal library of aged blends! La Galera Cigars has played their hand close to their chest with this 3-pack sampler. What we can tell you about them is this:
  • These blends have been aged for the last 5 years in Jochy’s personal stash.
  • We smoked them and they’re dang tasty… especially for $6.00 per stick
  • Only 25 shops in the US an Cabinet in the Dominican republic get to carry them, and we’re honored to be one of those shops

We hope you’ll give them a chance and see what kind of tricks La Galera and Jochy have up their sleeves!

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