Cohiba Siglo II

Vitola: 5 Pack 1 Single


Cohiba, Fidel Castros preferred brand, was created in 1966 as Havanas premier brand for diplomatic purposes. 

Since 1982, it was offered to the public in three sizes: Lanceros, Coronas Especiales and Panetelas. In 1989, three more sizes were added to complete the classic line namely: Esplendidos, Robustos and Exquisitos. 

In 1992, the following five sizes were further made in order to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Cuba in 1492: Siglo I, II, III, IV and V.


Length: 5 1/8"   Ring Gauge: 42 

The Cohiba Siglo II is no doubt an excellent cigar from the prestigious Cohiba range. It is regarded as the most outstanding Petit Corona (Mareva) cigar available on the world market these days. Its construction is faultless and produces a perfect draw. It burns evenly too from the tip to the end of the band. It is lighter compared to the larger vitolas under the Linea 1492 but its richness and flavor gets more intense as the cigar burns. The flavours of Siglo II include coffee, dark chocolate along with some spice and woody flavour. It is creamy and smooth with a very fragrant aroma that will bring anyone in absolute heaven. It is a cigar that comes in a perfect size and price.

Strength: Full

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