Aging Room Quattro F55

Vitola: Espressivo 1 Single


Aging Room F55

Hand made by Tabacalera Palma and Jochy Blanco.

Made using very limited batches of tobacco leaves too small for regular production, these premium handmades are highly unique, highly in demand, and of course, highly limited in scope. Take Quattro F55. Sounds like a luxury sports vehicle, and perhaps rightfully so, because it performs like a dream. A flawless 2003 Sumatra wrapper leaf encircles a mix of Cuban-seed Dominican fillers and a Dominican binder. To finish, each is box-pressed and packaged perfectly. With enough accolades and praise to fill a trophy case, this is one small-batch lovely that won’t disappoint.

Good news, Aging Room Quattro F55 has earned an outstanding 95-point rating, noting: "The result is a balanced, sophisticated cigar that displays rich notes of roasted coffee bean and sweet cedar. It's a lovely smoke that impressed our tasting panel time and time again."

Size Chart:

Concerto: 7 x 50

Espressivo: 5 x 50

Maestro: 6 x 52

Stretto: 4.5 x 46

Vibrato: 6 x 54

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