Avo Domaine

Vitola: Domaine 10 1 Single


Avo Domaine Cigars

With the success of the AVO Classic, famous jazz musician Avo Uvezian raised the bar by adding a more full-bodied blend to his portfolio.

With the help of Hendrick Kellner at the famous Tabadom Factory in the Dominican Republic, the AVO Domaine became just the fuller-bodied blend Avo was looking for. Tabadom is known for making the world's most famous cigars like Davidoff. Tabadom also employs the most qualified rollers in the Dominican, which gives tOhis cigar an effortless draw and perfect burn every time. The AVO Domaine gets its robust flavor from the Connecticut seed, Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper. These wrappers receive the perfect amount of annual sunlight each year to bring out the best quality in the leaf. When this wrapper is combined with premium Dominican fillers, the result is a medium to full-bodied cigar that has a blissful aroma.

Country of Origin Dominican Republic
Strength Medium
Grade HLF
Color Colorado Claro
Binder / Filler Dominican Republic / Dominican Republic
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut

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