Prince Torch Lighter PT-4000



Prince PT-4000 Pencil Butane Torch Blue Flame Piezo Torch Lighter
Made in Japan


  • Prince Pen Torch Lighter PT-4000.
  • Precise temperature controlled micro torch.
  • Micro Flame Instant Piezo Self-Starting Ignition.
  • Gas capacity: 3.8 g / Continuous Usage: 30 Minutes.
  • High temperature flame 1300°C or 2,500°F.

Brand New This is the Original Blue Flame Torch Lighter from Japan made by the famous Prince Lighter Company.

Cigar, Pipe and Cigarette Lighter ※ Descriptions: * Butane Gas * Portable, Cordless, Lightweight * Folding Handy-Stand * Micro
Flame Instant Piezo Self-Starting Ignition * Flame temperature controllable to 1300°C or 2300 °F * Refill using common
gas lighter cartridge * Gas capacity: 3.8 g * Continuous Usage: 30 Minutes * Windproof, Outdoor & Camping Tool * For
Auto, Jewelry, Electronic, Hobby & Model Use * Used also for Dental Work, Soldering, Plumbing & Optical Repair. ※
Feature: * High tech piezo electric self starting ignition / - Precise temperature controlled micro torch * High
temperature flame 1300°C or 2,500°F / - Portable, cordless and light weight * Folding handy stand / - Butane gas
powered, easily refillable * Gas capacity: 3.8g(use Butane gas) / - Burn time: 30Mins / - 160mm(L) x 20mm(W) ※
Application * Solders - Heat Shrink / - Thawing Frozen Lock - Repairs * Hobby and model use - Remove paint - Lab use.

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