Davidoff Murano Ashtrays

Item: Ashtray Red Opal 1


Davidoff Murano Crystal Glass Ashtray


Each ashtray is blown by mouth and hand-finished by Murano glass blower, masters in the art of glass for five centuries.

Made in lead-free blown crystal glass: a creation of Murano craftsmen - a brighter, more ecological and resistant glass.

Glass is melted in large kilns, once melted, the craftsman picks a molten ball of glass using a cane and blows it within the mould. The ashtray takes shape and is then finished by hand.

Design: round and ethereal shape with inclined cut.

Four layers of lead-free crystal glass: transparent crystal (2 layers), white and blue succeed each other.

Davidoff logo is discreetly stamped on the outside transparent layer. The shadow of this logo enables to evaluate the thickness of the first layer of the crystal.

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