La Aurora Cazadores

Vitola: Robusto 1 Single


La Aurora Cazadores Claro

Since before the invention of sliced bread, La Aurora has been making cigars to fit any palate, and they're certainly no stranger to luxury. Founded in 1903, they've consistently produced incredible expressions of cigar expertise, and set standards for quality that remain unmatched by any would-be imitators to this day. There's just nothing like a La Aurora cigar, and the Cazadores is no exception. Don't let the price fool you, it's the only thing mouse-sized about these beauties!

Utilizing a beautiful, silky Connecticut wrapper over an Indonesian binder and Dominican fillers, this is unlike any other cigar you’re tried at similar price points. You’ll forget that this is a value-priced cigar once your palate is graced by the mellow-bodied notes of cedar, pepper, and a touch of citrus.

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