Boveda Humidity 320g 69%



Boveda Size 320g, 69%

More power for larger humidors.

Most versatile Boveda for long-lasting maintenance-free cigar care for small and large humidors! ONE (1) Size 320 = FIVE (5) Size 60. (Good for up to 1 year in a 25-Count humidor!)

No more distilled water, gels or beads. Preserve essential oils and flavors in tobacco and the perfect balance of the filler, binder and wrapper.

Simply unwrap and place Boveda in your humidor then close the lid, it’s that easy. Boveda precise humidity control automatically restores and maintains humidity in any type of cigar storage—desktop humidors, cabinet humidors, wineadors, coolerdors and tupperdors.

Lasts 2-4 months in a large wood humidor; 6-9 months in a large airtight humidor. A simple touch test will let you know when it’s time to replace Boveda—it will feel crunchy and rigid.

Keep cigars ready to smoke with Boveda’s patented formula that uses all natural salt and water to ensure an exact Relative Humidity (RH). Choose from four different RH (65%, 69%, 72% and 75%). Check out the images to decide what percent RH and size Boveda are right for your cigar collection, your humidor, your climate.

Achieve a precise RH in a humidor. Properly preserve and age premium cigars. Protect a cigar investment with Boveda.

Note: Do not mix different Boveda RH levels within the same humidor. And do not use Boveda in the same humidor with other humidification products because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda."

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