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Vitolas: Sampler VSG 5 Pack


Ashton Samplers

Ashton 5-Cigar Assortment

Ashton is one of the world’s premier luxury cigar brands. Five prominent blends introduce legendary Dominican taste in a versatile and complex collection. Indulge in a comprehensive range of classic wrappers, including Connecticut Shade, Connecticut Broadleaf, Ecuador Sumatra, and Ecuador Habano varietals. Five distinct shapes reveal a mild, medium, and full-bodied spectrum of prestigious flavors, including cashews, coffee beans, cedar, leather, cocoa, spices, and more.


Savor the pinnacle of premium Dominican flavor in a magnificent collection. Ten unique sizes express a wealth of nuances in five world-renowned blends. Tasting notes of almonds, leather, dark chocolate, cedar, black pepper, and coffee beans arrive in celebrated Ashton profiles ranging from creamy, mild, and approachable to full-bodied and decadent. Choose an unrivaled assortment guaranteed to impress seasoned aficionados and new connoisseurs equally when you need the perfect gift.


Taste an amazing variation of intensity and concentration of flavor in a legendary 94-rated classic in five distinct formats. Ashton VSG is drawn from a lustrous Ecuador Sumatra wrapper leaf and a robust recipe of premium aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos. Notes of leather, raisins, cedar, and espresso beans emerge with signature Dominican spices in a luscious, full-bodied blend.

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