Aging Room Bin #1

Vitola: D Minor 1 Single


Aging Room Bin #1

Hand made by Tabacalera Palma and Jochy Blanco. Agin Room Bin No. 1 contains mature tobaccos, delivering a well-balanced cigar and producing a true medium-bodied profile with a wonderfully unique natural sweetness. The unique Cuban-seed tobaccos are the backbone of this project, acting as the filler and binder. Encapsulated by a pristine Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Aging Room Bin #1 will be biting at its big brother’s heels in no time.

Aging Room Bin No. 1 also received a 91-rating from Cigar Insider noting: "Strong, spicy first puffs mellow out to show a meaty, leathery smoke with touches of ground peppercorn and a hint of graham cracker. Hearty and bold."

Size Chart:

B Minor (Toro) : 6.1 x 52

C Major (Robusto): 5.2 x 54

D Minor (Lancero): 7 x 38

G Major (Gordo): 6.25 x 63


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